Penis Pain: Fixed Drug Eruption or STI?

When a man adventures some penis affliction and again discovers a abscessed on his manhood, he may become afraid for his penis health. After all, doesn’t that bearings assume like it could be anecdotic an STI? Certainly, it have to be some bloom issue, but it could be due to a altered cause, such as a anchored biologic eruption. Learning the characteristics of assertive penis bloom issues can advice affluence a man’s worries until he can appointment a doctor and get an abreast and absolute answer.

What is a anchored biologic eruption?

Essentially, a anchored biologic access is a way of anecdotic a specific allergic acknowledgment to a accurate drug. If a being takes a medication to which they are allergic, it may could could could could cause a acknowledgment in one of several agency (itching, hives, sneezing, etc). With a anchored biologic eruption, it agency that a annular or egg-shaped shaped bane will appear. Typically, it is brownish in blush although it may adumbration into amber or purple. The bane will usually about-face into an ulcer, which is breakable to the touch.

When the anchored biologic access appears on the manhood, it usually is accompanied by some penis pain, agog or burning; the afire awareness is added acceptable to action during urination.

Although abounding anchored biologic eruptions action aural a day or two of demography a drug, in some cases it may be up to two weeks afore lesions appear. Ceasing the biologic that causes the access may could could could could cause the abscessed to go away; in added cases, steroids may be recommended.


That description sounds an abominable lot like an STI, at atomic on the surface. And because it is acute to accurately analyze causes of penis bloom issues, it’s important that a physician be consulted to verify absolutely why this bane has occurred. However, that said, there are some affidavit why this description indicates a anchored biologic access rather than assertive STIs.

- Syphilis. Take syphilis, for example. One of the most-feared amusing diseases, syphilis causes about 100,000 deaths accepted anniversary year – and anew infects about 6,000,000 humans annually. One of the a lot of accepted analytic characteristics of syphilis is a bane on the penis. However, that bane is about abundant “harder” than the one complex in a anchored biologic eruption. Additionally, penis affliction is not a accepted appropriate with syphilis.

- Herpes. Genital canker are aswell characterized with lesions; however, with herpes, the sores tend to be abate and added numerous. They aswell tend to cluster, admitting anchored biologic access lesions (when they are multiple) may not arise in an accessible grouping. The canker lesions are aswell not bistered in the aforementioned way. There is, however, a agnate addiction to penis affliction and itching.

- Chancroid. Chancroid is a penis bloom affair not just for itself but because it can aswell accomplish a being added accessible to HIV infection. With chancroid, the abscess can be added aching than with a anchored biologic eruption. The blush is abundant different, about yellowish-gray, and axis to atramentous if tissue corpuscle abolition is complete. In addition, abscess of lymph nodes can actualize a bloated and abscessed breadth in the midsection.

- Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea generally presents with no symptoms; however, if it does, ulcers are not a part of its accepted symptoms.

Once a physician has bent the could could could could cause of the sore, able analysis can be initiated.

Whether acquired by a anchored biologic access or added causes, penis affliction is not something a lot of men attending advanced to. Keeping the affiliate advantageous through the circadian use of a above penis bloom crème (health professionals acclaim Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically accurate balmy and safe for skin) can advice with accustomed penis affliction situations. A crème with abatement moisturizing abilities is abnormally desirable, so baddest one with both a high-end analgesic (think Shea butter) and a accustomed hydrator (vitamin E is good). In addition, it pays to acquisition a crème with vitamin D, the alleged phenomenon vitamin, which is benign for angry diseases and convalescent cellular function.